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Yep, that’s right fans.  I’ve moved this blog to blogger.   The new address is

I hope to see you there!


If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, then this will make A LOT of sense to you!  If you just like White Russians, then you’ll like this as well.  I guess I can be considered an “Achiever” .


Who loves iced coffee?  I DO!  A recent trip to Starbucks inspired me and co-inventor, Paul Fortunato to create an innovative travel mug with a built in french press exclusively for iced coffee drinks.  It’s called ICEpresso (ice-press-o)!

They way it works is by a specially designed hard-plastic straw that attaches to the french press filter acting as the push rod.  The straw is tapered wide toward the bottom to allow for a threaded pocket that is actually molded as part of the straw.  The exterior of the straw has inlet holes that are low enough not to miss any coffee but spaced away from the threaded pocket, ensuring a clear path for liquid to flow.

Because the straw is removable, it can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Follow your usual steps for pressing coffee, but before you pour it into a mug, add your ice and drink it right out of ICEpresso!


So I just started doing some freelance work for Miller Hot Dog Company.  It’s been an exciting experience because next year marks their 100th Anniversary in business.  After being in biz for 100 years, they’ve developed some pretty tasty recipes, and the best part is that they are premium dogs.  I watched them being made and there is no funny business going on there.  Straight-up STEAK, spices and water.  

Paul from Miller recently loaded me up with a bunch of their dogs and this weekend we took them to McKinley Park for a photoshoot (excuse to BBQ!).  Check out the pics!

Huge props to the photographers who donated their time for the cause, Dhon Santos and Paul Fortunato.  It’s amazing what a little Miller Hot Dog bribe can accomplish, Haha!


Miller Hot Dogs are the Best

Miller Hot Dogs are the Best

This concept is 100% credited to my buddy and co-innovator Dhon Santos ( I just helped with the name.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not a golf tee, nor is it the space needle. Thermie is your thermometer homie! Now iPhone & iPod Touch users will never burn their beef or prematurely pull their pork. Thermie is a bluetooth enabled device that can be poked into the meat and left on the grill, broadcasting the realtime cooking stats to your iPhone.

Set the cooking temp by moving the green arrow with your finger. Or simply choose your meat & the way you like it cooked and Thermie’s got your back! It will set the target temp for you and estimate the remaining cooking time based on the grill temp and speed at which the meat approaches the target temp.

Whether you like your poultry popping or your steak sizzling, you can count on your homie… Thermie!


I know I haven’t posted for awhile. But it’s only because I’ve been building up creativity over the past few weeks. My latest invention is “the.btl” pronounced BEETLE. For obvious reasons when you see the rendering.

It is the first finger mouse using bluetooth AND touch technology. It works like a trackpad with right and left click functionality by simple leaning that way with your thumb.

The idea came about when I used my wife’s Acer netbook this afternoon. I’m use to a 17″ mac, but on her 10″ acer, my fingers are like Shrek fingers on the tiny trackpad. Especially when the netbook is sitting on my lap, there is no place to use a wireless mouse!

This stylish mouse can be skinned with candy colors and worn as an accessory when not in use with a laptop. And it can connect to any computer that is bluetooth enabled. So use it at work, wear it all day, and then come home and use it on your laptop at home.

Please let me know what you think!


Technology of interest:
Inexpensive Multi-Touch Pressure Acquisition Devices (IMPAD)

You’ve been waiting for this for a long time.  Now when your friends are talking to long, you can interrupt them with just the click of a button.  Go ahead and test it out. Click on the image below, then roll over the larger image you see!


I love my TiVO.  I take that back, I love my DVR. I don’t actually have a TiVo brand device.  Anyhow, I love it so much that I wish I had it in other areas of my life.  For example, when I’m driving down the highway and Talk of the Nation on NPR is interrupted by some Arbor Day Foundation advertisement, I say to myself “Self, if only I had a TiVo in my car!”  Or again when I’m cruising down the road listening to Obama’s latest press conference about the Housing Crisis and my wife pipes up at the exact moment that he says “In order to benefit from the homeowner relief funds all you have to do is #$%@!*–” “Babe, let’s take Polo to the dog park later–”  Doh! I wish I had a DVR in my car at that exact moment.

That is when the DARIO was born.  DAR (Digital Audio Recorder) + Stereo = DARIO (The IO just looks cooler).

My wife came up with the name, so Thanks, Babe.  And sure, let’s take Polo to the dog park!


Stay tuned for Casey Catlett & Dhon Santos’s video “Yelp’d” tour >>click>>



How-i-roll-teesHave you ever gone to a family member or friends house and used their restroom only to find that their toilet paper roll is on backwards?  I’m sure I’m not the only one, But what is “backwards” actually?  Over or Under?  With my new tees, your friends and family will always know!




This is a quick thought.  I’ve had mixed reviews and I need your feedback, good or bad, I can handle it.  The idea is MUSHI, which is short for Meat Sushi.  It would be a Sushi style restaurant, but all the rolls are made with cooked non-fish meats.  Chicken, Steak (sure, Kobe beef for the bourjois), Lamb, Pork, Turkey, whatever!  Just no fish.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like fish and I LOVE sushi.  But I have a lot of family members that don’t like fish, so we never get to go to sushi restaurants together.  This way, I can still enjoy my family AND have the experience of eating at Sushi restaurant.  Hmmm…

Your thoughts?

One more step to having real video talk capabilities.  This concept is called The Worm ™.  It is a video cam & mic that plugs into the bottom of the iPod Touch.  The purpose is unlike any other camera options, because of it’s flexibility, the lens can be facing you while you talk allowing the person you are Fringing, Skyping, IM, Ichatting with to see your face while you talk AND while you are still viewing the screen.  Possible applications can include longer cam extensions for commercial use.  Imagine Doctor, Mechanic, Spy, etc. Could find a use for the extended Worm.


Flexible Cam for the iPod Touch

Flexible Cam for the iPod Touch

Welcome to my first blog.   CREATE INNOVATE is my mantra and Casey Innovate is half of my online footprint.  I will also have another site up soon called Casey Create which will be my professional/portfolio site.  It is currently  I am a creative professional by trade and have for years been brainstorming various innovative ideas.  “Innovate” is where I plan to post them all.  I’m just tired of collecting them in my moleskin and selfishly not sharing with the world.  In a perfect world I’d have the money and resources to create them all.  But until then, they will be documented here for all to be inspired.

I’ve recently been following more blogs and I’ve been really inspired by the work that Mac Funamizu has done with

I will have only two rules for those viewing my site. 1. If you think my ideas are good, share them. 2. If you have the means to implement any of them, I am open to collaboration.